Seven Ways of Looking at Neil Cavanagh

Great Songwriters From Long Island You Probably Have Never Heard Of
By Alan Semerdjian, Long Island Pulse Magazine, March 2008 (Excerpt)

Thirteen Seven Ways of Looking at Neil Cavanagh
I. A man and a guitar are one.
A man and a guitar and Neil Cavanagh are one.

II. I’m not sure which I like more,
The beauty of what is
Or what might be -
Neil Cavanagh’s song or
Neil Cavanagh playing a song.

III. Someone’s playing Jeff Buckley.
No, it’s Neil Cavanagh.
No, it’s the score to a really cool movie.

IV. He once mistook the quiet of the room
After a conversation as an improvisation
By Neil Cavanagh.

V. People are getting together at the Pisces Café.
Neil Cavanagh must be coming to town.

VI. O, commuters of Babylon
Why do you imagine retirement
When Neil Cavanagh is an earphone away?

VII. Neil Cavanagh hit the note.
He was a big part of everybody
Hitting a note everywhere.

This piece is inspired by Wallace Stevens’ ubiquitous poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”