There is something special about this relatively obscure song, from London Town, a Wings album released in 1978. Recorded live, July 2nd, 2010, with my relatively trusty Takamine 12-string guitar through a Roland JC-120 amp (a pairing I’ve enjoyed for some time.)

Another mildly obscure favorite, from David Bowie’s 1971 album, Hunky Dory. More inspired by David Bowie’s original demo of the song than the final studio recording. The video contains a healthy dose of public domain footage, in the style of the great, early (super low-budget) MTV videos.

Neil Cavanagh - The Kiss

A song written by Judee Sill.

Posted by Neil Cavanagh on Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another video for a recording from the Short Flight To A Distant Star album, this time a Judee Sill song from her 1973 album Heart Food.