Something of a mad tribute to Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Parliament Funkadelic, Stevie Ray Vaughan…recorded on some forgotten date at some forgotten venue.

A long-time favorite of mine to improvise over, recorded live at the legendary (but questionably named) downtown Los Angeles venue, The Smell. Appropriately, the quality of this recording is not up to snuff.

Long Island Pulse Singer-Songwriter Series
At The Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington NY, March 2011
By Alan Semerdjian, Long Island Pulse Magazine, April 2011

“When I asked Neil Cavanagh to play the series and paired him up with John [Flor-Sisante], I figured that the audience would witness a night of “super looping” because Neil is incredibly adept at the loop himself. His compositions with the loop are often percussive and almost mathematical in this totally warm and spacey way. Neil is a stellar guitar player (think Jeff Buckley live at Siné – improvisational and constantly seeking the sublime), and his looping really highlights his dynamic playing. But he chose to go without the loop this evening, and what happened was really magical in its own right. Neil Cavanagh returned to earth in songwriter form. He channeled a little Zimmerman and got, dare I say it, a little folkie. He proved again that he is one of the finest musicians out there today. Totally present. Totally idiosyncratic. Totally soulful. The stuff, at least in this curator’s mind, that greatness is made of.”

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