Quicksand (David Bowie cover)

Hunky Dory has probably been my favorite David Bowie album for the longest time, and it contains a few of my favorite Bowie songs. But I was particularly inspired after hearing his early demo recording for the album’s song “Quicksand”, as a bonus track. Singing in a higher key, and accompanied only by his 12 string guitar, Bowie performs the song with a raw urgency and emotion that is missing from the finished album’s more subdued rendition. For me, the song expresses a fatalistic resignation, and perhaps desperation, at the same time it suggests a mysteriously occult approach to life.

This performance was recorded live using my favorite combination of 12-string acoustic/electric guitar through a Roland JC-120 amp, and was interjected with a variety of thematic public domain footage, in the style of early MTV videos.