City of the Sun, Valley of the Moon

In the fall of 2017, Neil Cavanagh released this album on his own Pines Brook Records label. An eclectic but meticulously conceived sequence of alternative, experimental, and progressive rock, the twelve tracks on the album were written, performed, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Neil. Additional backing vocals were performed by John Cavanagh (on “Sun Coming Out”) and Michelle Ingkavet (on “Another Morning”).

Available for digital download:

12 tracks  |  46 minutes and 22 seconds
Written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Neil Cavanagh
Additional backing vocals by Michelle Ingkavet and John Cavanagh

  1. Valley Of The Moon (1:51)
  2. Sun Coming Out (2:18)
  3. New York City (3:15)
  4. Junkie For Old Times (3:50)
  5. The Empire Strikes Back (5:31)
  6. On A Sunday Afternoon (4:42)
  7. Abused (4:55)
  8. Everything Is Forgotten Now (4:46)
  9. The Gates Of Crocheron Park (3:13)
  10. Sunday Evening (4:58)
  11. Another Morning (Is Waiting For You) (3:14)
  12. Taking A Ride (3:48)

Released on October 21, 2017